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G.O.A.T Tales

Any good dad knows that reading books can be a chore,

most are lame or don’t make sense and others, just a bore. 

But GOAT Tales aren’t like all the others, they’re written to be fun,

with silly rhymes and tacky dad jokes and possibly a pun. 

GOAT Tales doesn’t simply make it way more fun to read,

they teach the stories of our teams and plant the fandom seed.

They talk about the important stuff, like all your favorite team moments,

in playoff runs and championship games, against hated opponents.

Or maybe about an amazing career that’s filled with fame and glory,

so that the next generation of fans will know their incredible story. 

As sports fans it's tough to explain the root cause of our fandom,

just like their hometown team, and some pick theirs at random. 

I try to write the stories that I think will interest the most,

if you have tales that should be told just write it in a post. 

With so many stories that are worthy of book,

there will be more GOAT Tales out, so be sure to have a look.

GOAT Tales are stories written BY A DAD, FOR DADS and all sports fans!  There are plenty of kids books out there and but I realized, there weren't many that were written for dads to enjoy reading too.  GOAT Tales tells the stories that I like remembering and reminiscing about with friends and now you can teach you kids all about them too!

G.O.A.T. Tales Available Now

Check out the titles that we currently have available for purchase

Tiger Woods and his 5th Green Jacket

Already regarded as the greatest golfer of all time, Tiger Woods changed the game in so many ways throughout his incredible career, but in 2019 he changed what we thought was possible and won is 5th Green Jacket at the age of 43.  Battling age and injury, Tiger took on an talented field of modern golf's amazing young talent in the sports toughest tournament and beat them all.  Have fun learning all about this incredible moment in sports and teach the next generation of fans all about Tiger's grrrrreatness!

Michael Jordan:

The Greatest of All Time

Wildly considered by many as the greatest basketball player ever, Michael Jordan had an incredible and at times, unpredictable career and accomplished so much like winning 5 League MVP's, 6 NBA Championships or 10 Scoring Titles.  Learn all about his amazing career from his two Championship 'three-peats' to his foray into professional baseball to his time at UNC and his rise to stardom.  Michael Jordan: The Greatest of All Time will be the most fun you will have reading about a story that the next generation of fans NEED to know!

Now Available!

Coming Soon....

Messi and Ronaldo: The Greatest Rivalry

Messi and Ronaldo: The Greatest Rivalry tells the story of one of the most amazing rivalries between two opponents that has spanned over 20 years!  Learn how the pair dominated European and Global soccer for two decades, snatching up every record and trophy over that time.  Perfect for fans of soccer, sports and greatness! 

Mike Tyson: The Baddest Man on the Planet

Mike Tyson: The Baddest Man on the Planet tells the story of one of the most dominating and feared heavyweight boxers of all time.  Mike was not the biggest champion ever but for the 1980's and 90's, no one put fear into the hearts of the worlds toughest boxers. than Iron Mike.  Learn all about his incredible journey as a young boy from upstate New York, to a 37-0 multi-belt holding World Heavy Weight Champion.... then some other interesting stuff after.  

Shaq and Kobe: The Greatest Duo Ever

Shaq and Kobe: The Greatest Duo Ever tells the story of one of sports most dominant and beloved duos of all time.  Though only for a brief time, Shaquille O'neal and Kobe Bryant joined forces on the LA Lakers and took control of the NBA in the 2000, 2001 and 2002 seasons, three-peating as champions, going a combined 12-3 in the finals.  Learn all about how they came together and would go on to create one of the leagues great modern day dyansties!


“Did you know that the guy who wrote 'Diary of a Whimpy Kid' made $20 million last year?..... You should really finish writing those kid's books.”

- My Wife

"I liked it but why did you keep talking about a 'tiger' and there wasn't even a picture of one?" 


- My 5 year old, Liza

“If Michael Jordan was so good at basketball, why would he quit and play baseball, that seems kind of weird?”

- Liza's friend Georgia

**Disclaimer, all reviews are fictitious and not actual quotes, I'm just being silly... :)

About the Author

My name is Luke Smyk and I was inspired to start writing children's books because of just how much I disliked reading most of those that I read to my kids.  I was tired of reading the same boring books that were written about subjects neither of us cared about and in a way that didn't make reading any fun.  Seeming to have a knack for horrible dad jokes and lame puns,  writing kids books came naturally and seemed to be the next step to take.  In 2017 I married the girl of my dreams who then also blessed me with my two beautiful daughters, Liza (Beans) and Tatum (Taters).  Having no interest in kids prior to having my own and now being an all in,  girl dad, I have been inspired by the incredible things that all the girls in my family do on a daily basis.  The G.O.A.T. Tales series is clever way to tell the amazing sports stories that myself as a fan, and so many others like me, want to be able to tell their kids.  GO NINERS!



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